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Starter-Pack Ecotank Partner Compulsory

Starter-Pack Ecotank Partner Compulsory


The Ecotank Partner Starter-Pack is mandatory as part of the brand license and Exclusive geographical concession. 

By becoming an Ecotank Partner you will have access to: 

  • ADVANTAGES  RATES  :  You benefit  on the purchase of an exceptional discount on your multi-service work boat as well as the specific equipment you need for your sector  ;
  • AN EXCLUSIVE GEOGRAPHIC CONCESSION  : Contractualized, we grant you a defined sector allowing you to achieve the target turnover of 19 k€ / month minimum  ;
  • FORMATIONS  : You will receive connection identifiers and will access, on this site, a private space only dedicated  to Ecotank Partners. By logging in, you will have access to  more than 40 Training videos representing 12 years of experience  that we put at your disposal  ;
  • ACCOMPANIMENT : Wherever you are in the world, we accompany you commercially so that you can perfectly sell all my range of products and services in your sector  ;
  • MARKETING : We support you in setting up all the brand image you need to succeed. Whether on social networks or on professional communication vectors, we will help you digitally to increase your e-visibility and develop your business.  ;
  • A HOT-LINE : Only, for Ecotank Partners, telephone assistance and/or  videoconference,  will be dedicated to you to answer all your questions with your privileged interlocutor.
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